Healthy News December 2018 Lower Odds of Back Surgery & Depression

Getting Ottawa chiropractic care at The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider first may lessen the odds of back surgery need and depression.  


Ottawa chiropractic patients understand that visiting their chiropractor at The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider is beneficial. Their back pain and neck pain gets better. Ottawa chiropractic patients feel better when they leave The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider. A benefit Ottawa chiropractic patients may not necessarily appreciate because they are chiropractic patients already is that seeing a chiropractor reduces the odds of back surgery. A new report noted that there is a “very strong association” between back surgery and the first healthcare provider seen for the back pain injury. 42.7% of workers who consulted a surgeon|first saw a surgeon first underwent surgery while only 1.5% of those who went to a chiropractor first had back surgery. (1) Plus, the chiropractic adjustment really boosts the autonomic nervous system. This connection between the autonomic nervous system and the adjustment is noted particularly for a tension-type headache sufferer with major depression whose relief is outlined in a new published paper. (2) For a depressed Ottawa back pain sufferer, any relief from chiropractic care is pleasing!

Listen to this PODCAST with Dr. Kevin Keyes on The Back Doctor’s Podcast with Dr. Michael Johnson about a patient who was considering back surgery when she visited him for her back pain and found relief with his chiropractic care using the Cox® Technic System.

The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider wishes joy for all our Ottawa back pain patients to boost their back pain and their outlook on life.

Ottawa CHIROPRACTIC TIP OF THE MONTH: Enjoying the Holiday [Joy|Cheer]33] Helps the Back Pain Sufferer and the Ottawa Back Pain!

In developed countries, two of the most common reasons to see a doctor were for depression/anxiety and back pain. (3) Seeing these two issues together is not unusual at all at The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider. Back pain sufferers have a tendency to deal with depression. 20.2% of back pain patients with spondylosis and disc issues among others suffer with depression and spend more on health care for their conditions. (4) This relationship is even stronger for chronic low back pain sufferers. (5) So this holiday season, The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider’s wish for Ottawa back pain sufferers is that they experience the happiness and cheer around them. It just may improve their back pain, too! That is the target of Ottawa chiropractic care at The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider.

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The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider thanks all our Ottawa chiropractic patients for consulting The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider first|visiting The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider when you first have a spine pain issue. The practice of Dr. Tim Schneider is grateful to be the Ottawa back pain specialist practice.

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