At-Home Care

 From making the first chiropractic appointment to finding pain relief, you are a key component to the process.

While we can help you find pain relief with our in-office treatments, your actions away from treatment can have an effect your recovery. Abstaining from pain-producing situations outside of the office can help you heal faster and remain pain-free. There are many factors that can aid you in your healing process:


  • Making all the in-office appointments as recommended
  • Fully understanding your spinal pain condition
  • Abiding by the recommendations for its relief
  • Adjusting your activities of daily living including your job, if necessary
  • Considering limitations that your spinal condition may inflict

Recommendations for your at-home chiropractic care may include exercise, hot/cold therapy, massage, and nutrition, as well as use of good posture and movement skills.

You will discover that you can take control of your symptoms even if there is no direct cure. You are central to your care. You can regain the quality of life you want and deserve.

Some tips for at-home care:

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